Upload your own images and play puzzle with it

Isn’t fun to play jigsaw puzzle with an image that you have uploaded yourself? Well, that’s what you’re going to have if you’re going to try Puzzle. Puzzle is an online game that allows players to use their own images and use it as a jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are one of the best online games ever created. Although its original version was also a hit, the mess that you’re going to make with all the pieces is quite tiring to gather and stash. On the other hand online, jigsaw puzzles are more fun to play with because you’ll only have to deal with the mouse as you move each of the puzzle pieces you see on the screen.

How do “Puzzle” work?

First of all, the puzzle application is unique among other puzzles for a simple fact that you can upload an image that you like and make that image as you puzzle. That’s that unique feature of this online puzzle game. Furthermore, the player is given options on what to part of the puzzle pieces to display on the monitor. The player can choose to display the border part of the puzzle by clicking the border button or the middle button for the puzzle pieces located at the center or every puzzle pieces all at the same time. This feature of the game will actually make the puzzle much easier to solve and it would really help if you are trying to piece together a large puzzle.

In selecting a degree of difficulty, the players of options is to choose the number of puzzle pieces. There is a toggle on the screen that allows the player to increase the number of puzzle pieces and the game will automatically adjust the number of pieces on the image reflected on the screen. The number of puzzle pieces that can be selected ranges from 12 to 108, and these will be appropriated in the image that is used as the jigsaw puzzle. On that note, the puzzle piece can be played by young children as well as adults just by adjust ting the number of puzzle pieces that needs to be arranged in a proper way.

The great addition of this puzzle game is that the player has the capacity to make his own puzzle. To start creating, all the player needs to do is to click on the button create puzzle then he will be allowed to upload any image that he want. He will then choose how many puzzle pieces he’d like to have for that picture that he uploaded and then he can begin solving the puzzle.

Although the advantage of playing a puzzle game online is not clear and the effects on the mental capacity of a person have not been discussed, still it is clearly noticeable that this puzzle game is very revolutionary. A first of a kind of online puzzles that features customizable puzzle design through uploading pictures desired by the one playing the game. Overall, the puzzle application is truly unique among other puzzle games and the feature it has will literally make it popular than other type of online puzzle game.


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