Solving crimes is like solving jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are hard so as solving a crime. There is much related with these two than they are not. Although jigsaw puzzle is a game and crime is a serious matter but the way to solve these two are difficult and tedious. The person must have enough energy and smarts in order to solve either problem or the person get satisfaction once he is able to solve either of it. Generally, a lot of people will prefer solving jigsaw puzzles but there are also a lot of people who are interested in solving crimes much like solving jigsaw puzzles.

In order to understand the similarities of these two unrelated activities, we need to see the things that are common in them and one major thing that is very common is, the two needs to be solved.

Here are some similarities of a Jigsaw puzzle and crime

  • Piecing the whole picture together – both jigsaw puzzle and a crime needs to be solved and in order to do that there is a need to see the whole picture. In the case of a crime, an investigator needs to see the bigger picture so as to know who did the crime and why he did the crime. On the other hand, the person who is solving a jigsaw puzzle needs to see the image guide so that he will know what he is trying to piece together.
  • It is messy at first – at the start of an investigation of a crime, the crime scene always looks like a mess. There are a lot of things that are scattered around and the cops and investigators must look at the crime scene through a magnifying glass so as not to miss anything that might be related to the crime or may lead to a clue. The jigsaw puzzle is much the same. The puzzle pieces are scattered on the floor and the player needs to turn each and every one of the pieces to see where the pieces should be at.

These are the two most common things about a crime and solving a jigsaw puzzle. They may be not related at all but they do possess a common method in arriving to a solution.

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